My Blogging Z-List Meme

Mark Evans led me to, which led me to The Viral Garden, and the idea of a Z-List of Bloggers.  Although, truth be told, there are more than a few folks on the list below who have risen above the rank of Z Lister. :-)

The idea is that publicizing Zlisters will pull more and more wheat out of the chaff, making a better experience for both writer and reader. Now that’s an appealing idea, akin to The Good Blogs (which, by the way, has over 11,000,000 blogs in it’s widget)
Go ahead, copy the list into your own blog, add blogs that YOU like (try and stay away from the A-lister blogs, huh), and see what happens!

The Idea Dude
Steve’s Tech Journal
Telecom Trends
Ali Thinks
I’m Not Bored
A Rain of Frogs
My Name is Kate
Creative Think
Movie Marketing Madness
Blog Till You Drop!
Get Shouty!
One Reader at a Time
Critical Fluff
The New PR
Own Your Brand!
Work, in Plain English
Buzz Canuck
New Millenium PR
Pardon My French
Troy Worman’s Blog
The Instigator Blog
Diva Marketing
Marketing Hipster
The Marketing Minute
Funny Business
The Frager Factor
Open The Dialogue
Word Sell
Note to CMO:
That’s Great Marketing!
Shotgun Marketing Blog
Customers Rock!
Being Peter Kim
Pow! Right Between The Eyes! Andy Nulman’s Blog About Surprise
Billions With Zero Knowledge
Working at Home on the Internet
MapleLeaf 2.0
Two Hat Marketing

The Engaging Brand
The Branding Blog
Drew’s Marketing Minute
Golden Practices
Tell Ten Friends
Flooring the Consumer
Kinetic Ideas
Unconventional Thinking
Conversation Agent
The Copywriting Maven
Hee-Haw Marketing
Scott Burkett’s Pothole on the Infobahn
Multi-Cult Classics
Logic + Emotion
Branding & Marketing
Popcorn n Roses
On Influence & Automation
Servant of Chaos
Presentation Zen
Dmitry Linkov
John Wagner
Nick Rice
CKs Blog
Design Sojourn
Frozen Puck
The Sartorialist
Small Surfaces
Africa Unchained
Marketing Nirvana
Bob Sutton
¡Hola! Oi! Hi!
Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid!
Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together
Community Guy
Social Media on the fly
Jeremy Latham’s Blog
SMogger Social Media Blog

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