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PBS Junkies: Overmedicating Children

The Wiz and I are genuinely addicted to PBS. Frontline in particular.
Over the weekend, when not watching Nature shows, we caught a particularly interesting segment: Medicating Kids.
The premise is that with over 1,000,000 kids being medicated for psychological disorders that may or may not be diagnosed accurately, what sort of future are we creating, and what impacts are being had on young brains.

For the longest time, pharmaceutical companies had never tested the effects of adult drugs on children, and it was only when President Clinton *bribed* them with patent extensions, that drug manufacturers ponied up for the tests.

Now today, Fox news has an interesting article about a study that indicates US kids take anti-psychotic medicines at 6 times the rate of UK kids.

Questions come to mind:

1. Is there a relationship between the capitalism of US healthcare and the inappropriate proscribing of medications?
2. Is there a relationship between parenting and overmedicating? In the PBS show, they followed 3 families - 2 of the 3 looked like they'd been spending a considerable amount of time in the shallow end of the gene pool.
3. Is medicating a child a cop out for lazy parenting and even lazier medical specialists?

One of the girls chronicled in the PBS special was given anti-psychotic medication simply because she had *illusions of grandeur* and talked of things *not consistent with reality*. She was 4. A 4 year old girl was medicated because she had an imagination.

I'm looking for comparable stats for Canadian Children. If anyone has seen any - leave a comment!!
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