early bedtimes...

make for early wakings… especially when the other body in the bed refuses to be quiet for any period of time…. and so - here i be on an early saturday morning…. it’s still quiet and peaceful, but that will only last until the chickadees swoop in later, looking for fun and attention and entertainment.  alas, they will swoop out 24 hour later, eaving a mess of droppings and stray feathers. :-)

and then i am all on my own for 2 weeks.  i am teetering between being giddy with delight and morose with loneliness…. we shall see.  teetering and tottering is what life’s all about. 

walking the smapp this morning was surreal - everything was diffused with gold light and whisps of fog.  the waterfront is peaceful at 7 am on a saturday, of that there is no doubt…. the only path i crossed was that of an early morning photographer… and he and i both continued on our way.