tommy lee jones...

i think it started in grade 12, my obsession with TLJ.  an odd interest for an 18 year old girl,if there ever was one… but there’s something about him….  his seriousness, his bizarre sense of humour… something.


regardles, i’ve cultivated this "hobby for the past 15 odd years. and tonight, to keep the flame alive i watched man of the house.  one should never see tommy lee with a mud mask or cucumbers on his eyes.  sweet jesus, they showed cheerleaders plucking his earhair… is nothing sacred any more?it was sacriledge.

this is the real tommy:

…Was the studio’s original (and preferred) choice to play Snake Plisken in John Carpenter’s Escape from New York Kurt Russell, who ultimately got the part, because of his previous work. (1981). The studio was reluctant to cast

that being said, i still have a smile on my face.  tommy can do that.