survivor or victim?

this morning, walking the smapp, we came upon a little baby bat, stuck like glue to the outside staircase at home… we gave it a wide berth, and continued on, hoping that it would find it within itself to get to a better place to nap away the day.

this aft, in full, super cooker sun, it was still there, upside down, eyes tightly shut… we gave it a wide berth, and continued on, wondering how on earth it could be surviving, and what is making it stick to the wall.

tonight, now 2 hours past sunset, it’s still there… we are still giving it a wide berth, but now i wonder - what would happen if i gave it a little poke, like with a spatula, or something longer, like a broom?

it’s not a vampire bat - everyone knows vampires turn to dust in sunlight :-)

i think it’s a "little brown bat"