to do today?

… let me tell you, this IS NOT one of those magical sundays where one can relax the day away.  this is one of those sundays that requires planning, execution and activity.  Yup - chickadee weekend… and the trick is to do it in less than $15 dollars a day ;-).  Now, if we were in europe, this likely wouldn’t be a problem… but we are in toronto… with chickadees… so that’s a bigger dealio…. 


our alternatives are the science centre… the royal winter fair… and ikea.  my bet is now on ikea…. we can hit two birds with one stone - stocking stuffers for christmas and the gurls love the kids play area at ikea…..

in theory the science centre is the best option - but considering our time and econonic limitations…. this makes the most sense….. sigh. and since we have to have the gurls home before 7 - it’s just the easiest….