move over earl grey...

chaispice.jpg… i’ve fallen in love.  With a new Tea…. Chai Spice Black Tea.  It’s incredible. You have no idea - until you’ve tried it… and i HIGHLY recommend it. It’s tea, with a twist.  Go - brew some!

It was only one of my finds yesterday, whilst shopping for holiday laughter… i managed to pull together a few other giggles as well, plus one holler for me - i picked up the new Amityville Horror on DVD. I hollered, and then the wiz hollered. And then we giggled like anything… well, ok I giggled. I don’t remember the original very well, but i remembered being scared senseless.  This one was very well done, and in the end…. well, I can’t very well tell you the ending now, can I?



toronto.jpgThere is ice in the lake now.  Not thick ice, but ice that moans and creaks because of it’s thin-ness…. and it’s only the beginning of december…. 2 years ago i was walking the smapper with a sweater on christmas eve, last year i was walking her with an old university of guelph jacket - this year i swear i will be fully decked out in blizzard gear. Mind you, this year i have appropriate footwear… not the DocMartens from years gone by ;-)

Today - our very first adventure into getting a christmas tree.  I know - we will be tight on space, but methinks it will be worth it mightily. And it will just be a wee tree…. and of course, we will still decorate the honorary white oleander ;-) Who says you can’t make almost anything festive? :-)