sept 11

it’s hard to imagine that it’s been 4 years since.  all the chaos and incertainty and looking overhead every time there’s been a lound plane. the wonder, and the concern and questions. 4 years. so much has changed. my life has gone 180 degrees, and if the recent past is any indication, continues to change on a day to day basis.

nothing compared to the lives of the folks who where directly and indirectly affected by september 11.  i simply hope that their lives are now changing around again. for the better.

where was i sept 11? driving an old wedding present of a SUV, on the way to a customer, listening to silly DJ howard stern on a toronto radio station.  trying to piece together if he was joking about planes hitting the towers, or if it was real.  and then arriving at the customer - they were near the airport.. and all the employees were surrounding a tv monitor, watching the news.  needless to say, there wasn’t much info - but both the customer and i were sufficiently distracted as to cut the meeting short, and move on to other things.


i headed home.  and it wasn’t until i turned on the telly, and hollered at the guy in the house to come and see - and we saw.  and we saw. and we saw.  i called into the office, and was told not to come into work.  the holiday inn had turned into a safe haven and command post for the UN delegates in toronto.  i was home for 4 days. watching. and watching.  it was bizarre.

here’s what i was really doing