a new addition

our neighbourhood is odd. odd in a good way, of course, and no one wants to really think of their neighbourhood as odd in a bad way. our neighbourhood is made up of really swanky condos and townhouses and marinas, interspersed with some co-ops and some subsidized housing.

a few days ago, we went to a neighbourhood meeting to discuss the implications and applications of a new condo developer who wants to put up a monster condo on the water, right beside us - and right behind tip top tailor lofts. 24-37 stories of glass and concrete and nastiness…. blocking people, pets and the rest of the world from the waterfront… not to mention the poor saps who bought lofts at tiptop… for a zillion dollars, will now be starting into a reflective wall, as opposed to the vista of lake ontario. Not ideal….

the community gathering was well turned out - folks were vocal, fired up and emotional… i’m on the fence. i’d like to see a lower building, one that is priced similarly to ours… the last think i want is something really cheap…. :-( and if there could be ammenities, that would rock. would love to be able to get a discounted fitness membership, or be able to use their cool features… oh - and if they could get a starbucks…. :-)