the challenge of neighbourhoods...


about every 6 months, the mood to move strikes me - and i become addicted to…

and i can spend hours, looking at lot sizes and bedrooms and floor plans, and comparing addresses with - wondering about parking and windows and commute times… mortgage rates and garages and finished basements… it’s almost like a hobby, really.westonvillage.jpg

i’m not limiting myself to neighbour hoods, i’ve seen outsanding homes in Swansea, Roncesvalle, High Park, Leaside, Old Weston Village, Aurora and even Unionville….not to mention the surprisingly amazing things that are a block north of queen st!!



Still, it’s hard to imagine moving away from the water and the quiet of the quay… even if it *is* to get more dancing and gardening space, and some grass the smapp dog can call her own… so it’s a struggle. A bittersweet, addictive struggle.