… there’s something to be said for consistency, if only to add a semblance of rhythm to your life, and to give people a standard by which the majority of your decisions and reaction can be based upon.

the smapp dog’s life revolves around consistency; knowing when dinner is, when walks are, what my reaction will be when she is caugh on the couch… consistency.

my life enjoys its share of consistency, wake times, home times, tea times, what to have for brekkie, if there’s brekkie….  but i think i’d like a little more inconsistency in some things…. something more risky, something more adventurous.

—— i don’t know where this post is going.. i thought i had it all figured out out in me head - but now it’s all come unravelled… i don’t know if this is leaning towards life, or towards repetition, or kids or what.