100 blog snippets...

… dancing through my head - yet not a one is going to see the worthy light of day…

  • i could be talking about how i bought outstanding used blundstone boots, and how, after a day of loving wear, the turn on me and chew my Achilles tendon to the marrow, making it impossible to wear any other boots for days 33550-243262-thumbnail.jpg
  • i could be talking about finding bloggers in the most bizarre places, and the code of silence we observe while at the "place of work" (tm) nudge nudge, wink wink.
  • i could be talking about an insane desire to sell bandwidth like one would sell crack… pssst, hey - wanna by 45 Mbps between toronto and chicago?  I can get you a good deal….
  • i could talk about the tribulations of tying up the smapp dog to the only doggie hitching post at the variety store
  • i could talk about my wish of competition for grocery gateway
but alas - my brain has 3 cells left, and i think i am going to save them, and watch house of wax.  so there.