Being in Love means Never Having to Use the Same Browser

… strange, but true. Simpler wordes were never spoken.

The wiz and I, by mutual agreement, don’t use the same browser when we are on the net, even if we may use the same computer.

It keeps things simple, sane and agreeable. We have our own favourites, our own way of doing things, and even better, we can keep our preferences and passwords to ourselves. He likes IE, I am a Flocker.

The other night, we were discussing why Flock was better than Firefox. (I am painfully aware of how geeky that sounds). It was easy for me to say:

  • the blogging capabilities in Flock are amazing
  • the tabbed browsing rocks
  • the integration with my delicious bookmarks and flickr make it solid

But the best reason, Flock knows what to do with IE sites that are made JUST for IE. Firefox doesn’t (or didn’t) know what to do wth those sites, and went off and pouted when I tried to access them. This would be especially true with corporate intranets (those beasts are always made for IE)…

Still, the list could go on, and yet, the wiz just shook his head with a grin.

And then opened his IE browser. Neophyte.

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