Ontario Government's Excessive Attempt to Control the Internet

No person shall print, publish, distribute, broadcast or telecast an advertisement or representation that includes an Internet gaming business website address unless the person believes in good faith that the Internet gaming business has been licensed or otherwise granted permission to operate in Ontario or Canada by the appropriate authority and is operated in accordance with the applicable laws of Ontario and Canada.

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Thanks to Mark for pointing out this silly government bill - where it looks like the ontario government is going to make it illegal to advertise gambling websites, or to even link to sites that advertise gambling websites. Mark points out that this interpretation would even make google.ca offside.  This smells alot like blaming the cart, not the horse, for running away. I’d love to know what sorts of experts and consultants are working on this initiative from within the government. Perhaps the gov’t should consider outsourcing these jobs to the private sector? Or maybe even to someone who’s just “living” in the real world?

Silly Ontario government.

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