Now You Know....

There’s a trivia book in every bathroom and outhouse in North America. You know there is. Even if no one admits, there is a secret trivia hound in all of us. The wiz now has 2 trivia books, and I’m thrilled (and he has no shame) to admit that he’s spent such a considerable amount of time “sitting” and reading them, that his feet have actually fallen asleep. It doesn’t have to be this way… there’s help for trivia [freaks] buffs….

Imagine the things you could learn:

  1. Cats purr at the same rate of a diesel engine, 26 cycles per minute.
  2. The Jack O’lantern is named after a drunk?
  3. Thomas Jefferson actually served Macaroni and Cheese in the White House in 1802.
  4. The next time you cough, you might want to know that you are sending air through your windpipe faster than the speed of sound!
All this knowledge, at my fingertips, and no, my feet are not asleep.

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