The Safety of Children

Reading this morning of school shootings, again. Not even the Amish are safe now.  In a world/culture/environment where random acts of violence are becoming commonlplace, where do you turn to achieve peace and security?  When one human can effect change and tragedy on so many, so easily, what can be done? The wave of incidents over the past month has led others to wonder if there is a copycat mentality... or simply not enough news coverage of other events, to keep the public distracted (a la 9-11).

I'm left wondering, at what point will tragedy close in, and touch someone I know or love? It's simply a matter of time. Statistically speaking. And there isn't anything to be done to avoid it. it's a sad commentary, when you know that evil is going to happen, and you can't do anything to prevent it. Are we all now just waiting?

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