PayPerPost Financial Incentive for Disclosure

In a move reminiscent of big tobacco funding tobacco research, PayPerPost is announcing a new initiative on Monday called DisclosurePolicy, which “provides policy creation tools, best practices and forums for discussing the delicate balance between content creator freedoms and audience transparency expectations.”DisclosurePolicy creates a disclosure policy for bloggers to post on their blogs, based on their answers to a few questions. They will also pay every blogger who posts a PayPerPost disclosure policy on their blog $10.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » PayPerPost Is Now Officially Absurd


Aside from the negative slant that Techcrunch has taken with PayPerPost, they are still impresseive at “getting the message out”.  Funny, I’m not the only one who is thinking that Techcrunch is doing PayPerPost a favour, instead of a disservice.  In fact, the more negativity people read, the better the chance that they actually investigate, and try the service, and decide that it may not be the fruit of the devil!

At some point, Techcrunch has to realize that they are becoming an advocate for PayPerPost, and are driving the blogosphere netizens to see what paid blogging feels like. Techcrunch seems to be turning this into a personal vendetta. Perhaps PayPerPost isn’t the absolute end all, be all to blogging with vendor content, but then again, aren’t we all about evolution? In the beginning, the die hard internet users thought windows 95 was an affront to what the Internet was all about. If they had the choice, we’d all be using Lynx and Pine.

Evolution baby, evolution. 

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