Shrinking Canadian Support for Troops in Afghanistan

Slightly more than half of Canadians support the Afghan mission and believe troops are providing critical support, suggests a poll that found less enthusiasm for the Tories' foreign policies in general.

Slight majority of Canadians support Afghan mission: poll

I have a sinking suspicion that the people were polled were showing support for the canadian troops stuck in Afghanistan, and were NOT showing support for the Canadian government's foreign policies. The fact that Canadians have now been warned by Al-Quaeda should be a bit of a warning shot over Harper's bow........

Unfortunately now, it's too late to change direction, even if changing direction is the right thing to do.  Now, it will appear as if Canada is allowing itself to be blackmailed by a terrorist organization.  It's a damn shitty spot to be in.  And every morning, I watch the planes overhead, and wonder.

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