Glencoe Hits the Guiness Book - and the Globe and Mail!!!

Ontario farmer has Guinness-making maze
Canadian Press
GLENCOE, Ont. — For those who enjoy getting lost in a giant maze of corn, Glencoe, Ont., is officially the best place to do it.Guinness World Records confirms the McEachren Farms Corn Maze is the largest corn maze in the world. Ontario farmer has Guinness-making maze

I have to tell you. It's not often that the small village of Glencoe, Ontario gets 2 wammys in one day.  It's made the guiness book of World Records for having the largest corn maze, (that's a maize maze for you smarties), and is mentioned in the Globe and Mail too!

Whoot Glencoe! And to think, I almost wanted to live there once.

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