Building My Ark

It's come down to this - another day of rain on the Oak Ridges Moraine, and I'm gonna have to start building an ark. Another day of no sun, and I might hafta take a hostage. 
Between the wet dog feet all over the house, and the lack of a dry pair of shoes within a 5 km radius, I'm just about ready for everything to freeze up and make life cleaner, if not easier.
The weather makes it painful to commute (changing a 40 minute drive to a 90 minute drive), and plays havoc with the hair. I don't own enough umbrellas for this nonsense.

To go into my ark:
  • the wiz
  • the smapp dog
  • 2 laptops
  • figs
  • Sony MP3 player
  • a hockey stick
Really, what else do you need?

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