A Good Blog Thing: Finding Vancouverites

This could be a tad embarassing.  I'm not a good Canadian traveller. Not a bit.  The fartherst west I've been is Windsor, or Sault Ste Marie (if I can count 4 days in the Soo as west; I was planning on counting the Soo as my fartherst north location). East is strange, as I managed to get to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, but I went through the States to get there, so I'm not sure they count. A few months ago, I ended up in Rimouski, by way of Montreal, so I'm *sure* Rimouski can count.

Needless to say, I really don't ever need to travel again, not with good commentary from the likes of:

debaucherous + dishevelled
Darren Barefoot
dirty olive

I might start travelling the world from my laptop...I think I might like staying home more. :-)

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