Beta Testing the New Dining Room

Last night the wiz and I had our first official dinner event. It was essentially a beta test of the new place, and specifically the dining room. We invited over Mr and Mrs K. Mr K used to work with the wiz and I in previous lives and now he works here.

Mrs K used to work at Telus Mobility and now she’s the head web master and owner of It was quite an evening full of shop talk, comparisons of managers, becoming a stay-at-home domain name squatter, hilarity over how small the tech and telecom industries are in canada, and the lack of good childcare resourses in York Region. And the recycling! I recycled 5 empty wine bottles this morning. Mrs K and I highly recommend trying the Vidal Blanc Icewine but be careful, it can sneak up on you rather nastily ;-)

A good time was had by all, despite the fact that nothing got slopped. Next time!

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