ohhh the agony...

… this post was originally titled " the antiquities".. and covered an outstanding evening of reuniting with old netcommies, who, if i say so myself are remarkably well preserved…. must be all that good clean living =)

… - i lost the whole posting whilst toasting toast - to make a PB & J sammmie, and the fire alarm went off, and in my hurry, a few extra power bits got turned off in the confusions….. and so did the computer ;-) 

and so - all the netcommies….they are all spread out, in outstanding jobs, doing amazing things, and full of laughter… and i miss that. I miss that plenty.

it’s good to know that, like seeds, the netcommies have gone out and infiltrated all industries and all verticals…. it makes for many options, from my little point of view… bell, telus, at&t, EDS, CGI, sprint… you name it, netcommies are there…..and knowing someone is half the battle….


 and now, here i sit. burned toast and all… realizing i have to get up and go to a meeting in 12 hours…

that sucks. stay tuned!