blurring digital and analog...

i like the blur - and it appears i'm not the only onetara hunt is quite impressive. yup.

i've got a blog; i put my christmas and birthday wish lists up and people actually take a look ;-) I can be reached on an IP phone, that knows that if im not at home, it will try my cell. I get voice mails in emails and emails on phones. I've got a digial wishlist of houses and books and music. I've got figital photo albums and musical playlists. I order groceries online, and take-out chinese as well.

You can IM me, ping me, pin me and google talk me. You can comment, suggest and slander ;-)

There are a few things I *wish* i could do digitally:

  • program my PVR from work
  • order cleaning service
  • watch my dog from work
  • skype my parents
All in all, it's not so very bad. It's quite good.

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