Drowning in Web2.0

… the web2.0 wave has hit me, and i'm not afraid to say i've got some water up my nose. I've been flickr'd, wordpress'd, flock'd, del.icio.us'd, kaboodled, netvibed, backpack'd, mylist'd, myspace'd, mapped, tagged, my box'd, pandora'd…. and a zillion others that i've tested and given up on.

Tonight i thought i'd try to find something that could bring everything together, in one portal, in one dimension. Nope. Nothing does it all. Google is close, Netvibes is close; I thought I'd hit the jackpot with suprglu, but no, no, no. So - now i'm back with 4 tools. GoogleStart, Netvibes, Flock, and my own blog. can I please implore someone to make something that will do everything? Am I going to have to do this??

I need to go and blow out some of the wave. Maybe I will take a closer look at Pageflakes.

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