On the Quest for Relevance in Web2.0

rel·e·vance Audio pronunciation of "relevance" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (rl-vns)
  1. Pertinence to the matter at hand.
  2. Applicability to social issues: a governmental policy lacking relevance.
  3. Computer Science. The capability of a search engine or function to retrieve data appropriate to a user's needs.

One of my tasks this week, aside from relaxing and painting, is to delve deeper into the meaning of relevance in web2.0 apps. Without relevance, all you've got is a sack full of teenagers in social networking scenarios. Without relevance, you've got a favourites folder jammed with different web2.0 apps, and more than a thousand accounts sprinkled across the ethersphere. SO - my challenge is this, when keeping track of apps is harder than herding cats, how does one portray relevance in web2.0? Is it via the new ajax portals? Is it a desktop gizmo? Is it a blog that can do everything? I'm not the only one looking at this from squinty eyes….

NetJaxer - a Web/Desktop integration product… but is it useful? by ZDNet's Richard MacManus - One of the many new web apps that has been emailed to me recently is one called NetJaxer, which caught my eye because it's a Web/desktop integrator. But it's a few days later and I've still not figured out what use it is. NetJaxer was described to me in the email: "Our program is called […]