The Curious Tale of the Gurl and the Telco...

… it all started in 1995. A curious gurl, interested in the internet… and struggling with international development…

And she managed to parlay it into a gig, and then NETCOM arrived…  and then it was the big leagues…. and she learned, and struggled and always laughed. And she grew. And then she realized she had value. And then she grew some more. And the more conversations she had, the more interesting life became.  It was always about the technology, the friends and the future.

And now, her future takes her on a different course, and it’s wild, and scary and ridiculously interesting, all at the same time.  She’s a non-conformist, a contagious optimist and a solid beer drinker. And she’s going to miss YOU.

Yup Yup, it’s just me, going onto a new adventure. And you know our paths are always going to cross, because that’s how I am.
This world is small, but I wouldn’t want to paint it ;-)  We will always find each other in the magic of the cyber space.

It’s been a wonderful ride. I can’t wait to ride with you again.  It’s all about good conversations, good solutions and good floobergeist.   For those of you not familiar with floobergeist - it’s the sparkley dust that turns dreams into ideas.

All my love,