Smog in the City...

.. how unsexy.
When I first moved here, and watched the morning from the roof, it was quaint, in a 519-area sort of way, to see the whisp of creme brule atmosphere across the lake.  I could convince myself that "wow, it's really smoggy in oakville and burlington". Quaint.
Now, I understand that it was *me* inside the bubble.  Not so quaint.

For the past 3 days, breathing outside has been like trying to sleep with your head under the covers. Do it for too long, and my legs feel all tingley. My head feels all cottony.

Now, thunder has been chasing its tail all across the city, but has yet to produce a single drop of rain to wash away the nasty smog blanket.  I'm pretty sure the smog is keeping the rain away. Visions of Regensis, and uber-strong acid rain keep flickering through my head. 

I walked the dog early tonight, just in case.

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