Things you forget to blog about...

I can have an unlimted diatribe of things to blog about.... and yet, i come across this, and the fellow manages to hit things spot in.  You will like it.  I still tease people i drive with on the 401 between milton and mississauga to "keep back 2 Chevrons".  After commuting that stretch for 4 years, it's burned into my brain like fireworks.

Things That Make Me Angry
Chevrons and Hidden Driveway SignsWe've all seen the sign "Watch your distance, keep 2 chevrons apart." Why can't they just double the distance between the chevrons and ask drivers to keep one chevron apart? We could cut our chevron budget in half. It's almost as stupid as "Hidden Driveway" signs. Couldn't the sign just say "Driveway"?

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