missing mesh...

… so - all the cool kids are at the mesh conference…… but as this is only my 6th day of work (in a row) at the new gig, i couldn't very well bail so early for 2 days :-(

jon arnold writes some interesting commentary about what what, and who said who - and he got to see om malik [in real life!!]

one worthy nugget [among many] from jon's review about om was:

Finally, another nugget from Om was that the real value of the blog is not the content - it's the comments - the real dialog that blogs create a platform for. His job is really just to provide context for the important news items, and that sets the stage for intelligent engagement with a community that cares about that topic. Along those lines, as a journalist, blogging is his way of keeping a story going, which I'm sure all journalists would agree with.

i loved that part - it's all about the comments, and less about the content…. makes me think more about comments :-) and the fact that i don't write enough of them!! I can nod and grin or acrue wrinkles, but i rarely comment. For Shame. I will attempt to improve.