Lot's of Life Change at Once: Can You Deal?

… I’m funny that way…. making a decision, and then acting on it, on all of it, all at once… I did it a few years ago, leaving, moving, buying, changing…. and now; accepting, resigning, buying and selling…. once i start the wheels in motion, i can make many decisions at once… providing that i’m the one making the changes…. ;-) 

It was pointed out to me this morning that i may be a bit of a control freak that way…. hating when changes are thrust upon me, but relishing change when i am at the helm… I suppose it sort of makes sense…. yet, even when i am not in control, i manage to take pieces of the change and make them "mine", thus staying involved, even when i’m not steering.

The hardest part is when change happens without a good foundation for understanding, and there are no little handles you can hang onto…  Those changes are the types of things that spur my own changes, and force me to act in my own best interest… now those are fun changes….

Pfft. Change.