1st LONG Weekend...

… and it’s hard to tell if it’s been a success yet…. the weather up north wasn’t entirely playing fair…  although, to give credit where credit is due, saturday night was a lovely night for fireworks ;-)

We managed to get a break in the weather on saturday aft, and the chicklets managed to cajole their old man into letting them try out their new inflatable sea-doo units…. and i was amazed, they lasted in the frigid water for about 15 minutes. ;-)  

IMG_6948.JPGSunday, we woke to wind, and more wind,  and a smattering of rain. The temperature plummeted. The sun came out. The rain came out. It was a cornucopia of weather. At one point, the sun came out so hard, and the wind stopped, and everything that was wet, immediately started steaming. It was an amazing, humid scene. For 9 minutes. Then the rain came back ;-)IMG_6961.JPG

Then the power went out. Repeated attempts to assess the damage (by calling the automated message on Ontario Hydro’s Info line) only prolonged the uncertainty. First 4 pm, then 5 pm, then 6 pm, then 6:30, then 8 pm. At 6:30, we hitailed it back to the southern country. Home of wendy’s chilli-cheeze baked potatoes and the famous bacon mushroom melt.

Chicklets schnuggled into the “big bed” and watched movies while munching on salty treats. By midnight they were snoring.

And now - it’s 8:30 - and amazingly enough, i am the only one awake. Holy.

Of course, the sun is now shining. 

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