Blogging Negligence...

... you read that fast and thought it was "Blogging Negligee", didn't you?
Alas, no negligee for me, just negligence. I find that when i have time to do things, I never do them, and when i am uber-busy, that's when i want to write the most.  I am the free-time procrastinator.  Or perhaps it's just that more ideas come to me when i'm busy, than when i'm not?

I should be busy, what with 1113 hours left until the move to the country, and with knowing the ropes in the new gig.  I'm more organized, I'll admit. Better structured, time available for planning and being proactive, rather than running in straight reactive mode.  It's refreshing, but at the same time, feels like i am living in the Old South, where things are slower, and people are relaxed.

Feelings like i should have a Mint Julip and sit by the bayou.

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