tequila, watches and homeless guys...

….just your average thursday night in the city ;-)
 With a gazillion closest friends….

It was a good goodbye fete last night. All the folks who have helped and laughed and supported each other over the past decade. Plus I got a snappy new watch!!!! 140836128_a7327ed55b_o.jpgAnd now, as i pour over the sordid photos and memories of last night, i do so with fondness and appreciation.


  • learning that not all tequila is bad tequila
  • when it’s your fete, all beverages are free
  • sometimes it *is* ok to slurp oysters from the shell
  • 2 is the right number of bio-break bodyguards to have
  • no matter how much water you drink, sometimes it’s not enough
  • hugs can really scare away hiccups
  • it’s good to give money to homeless guys with no shoes
  • 34 is too old to stand in line for a bar, any bar
  • leather couches are a perfect accessory for beverages
  •  it’s good to go home at the right time, after the last pub