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I’ve got an abundance of bits and pieces of canadian telecom and internet experience, and I am thrilled to be in a place in time when all is changing, technology is developing, and the status quo is being disrupted. 

Floobergeist is a word that is beginning to defy definition.  The more I roll that smooth pebble around, the more it becomes to mean. Floobergeist started out as the magic dust that turns dreams into ideas.  And then it began to encompass the zing that happens when you have conversations about those ideas. And now, it’s the whole evolution from dream to conversation, with each step improving the later and the former along the way.

Everyone aspires to good conversations. They can lead you to adventures you’ve never imagined, and to people you can twig with.

Let’s have a good conversation…


jules v.s. wireless

After spending 2 and a half hours trying to get my new wireless router to work with my rogers internet and my primus VoIP phone, i had to give up and revert to my old setup….. we had bought a new wireless router to take advantage of some of the new bells and whistles, and to also have some better (read: some) security on the wireless access… it's all fun and games to knock people freeloaders off the service, but they keep coming back ;-)

So, my primus modem wants to be right behind my cable modem… and my old wireless router (linsys) didn't care that it was connected behind the primus box…. but for some reason, the new d-link was more finicky, and when i pluged it after the cable modem, the primus phone service didn't work. I never could get any connectivity through the new d-link wireless box…

And so, 2 and a half hours later, everything is back the way it was… and the new d-link is back in it's box, ready for someplace other than here. It's luck it didn't end up in the lake.