People are Annoying... Part II

It's a good thing it's a Saturday, and I've been spending the time relaxing, or i'd be really freaking peeved off right now.

I just returned from walking the dog up to the local grocery store, to pick up some lemons (for the caesars I am undoubtedly going to need to drink now), and i SWEAR TO GOD, if I encounter people taking up the ENTIRE sidewalk just once more in my life, I am going to go telco. (Going Telco is the 21st century version of going "postal".)

Why people think that it's perfectly fine to walk 3 across on a busy sidewalk is beyond me.  Why they think that they don't need to shift around when they encounter on-coming pedestrians is more than a body can take on a hot saturday.  I am entirely sure that it was only my good breeding and bringing-up that kept me from turning the walk into a bloodbath.

I made it to the store in one piece, keeping the cursing under my breath. But on the return walk home, I was once again hugging the edge of the sidewalk, one foot on the grass, actually.  From behind me, I can hear two joggers approacing, talking about stocks and reports. WHAM. Joe Stock Jogger slams into my elbow, with nary a look behind.  I was shocked silent.  The only thing I could utter was a medium loud "thanks buddy" at his disappearing back.  I looked at the smapp dog, she looked at me, and we crossed the street in peace.

We are indeed ready to move.

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