Testing Windows Live Writer

Always a kid for trying out new things, I've just downloaded the new Windows Live Writer

And here we are!  It's nifty, it's got nifty wingdings that let you blog a page in IE (it's too bad I don't use IE)... but it will be curious to see what else it can do, and if it can do what Performancing can do, or what the inherent, built-in blog editor for Flock can do.

Ack.  I'm worried that it's not going to know which journal to post this article in... there are 3 on jules.ca.....


Nope - it doesn't understand that there is more than one journal (both Flock and Performancing understand without me having to play around at all).  It doesn't allow easy Technorati tags either.  Guess I've got to stick where I am.  It's not such a bad place to be.