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Problems with VoIP and Primus and Sympatico and Motorola

Wow - that sounds like alot of problems.  Well, it IS.

Over the past few days, our Primus VoIP service started misbehaving with the new sympatico service, and swapping out old Vtech phones for new Motorola phones just made the problem worse.... now, incoming Voip calls cause the DSL to spontaneously combust, and I lose sympatico. And then the loss of the DSL also causes the Primus VoIP box to crumble... the whole event seems to take about 2 minutes.  It's simply lovely.

On Thursday we thought it was simply a problem with chrappy sympatico service, as both the Wiz and I had VPN tunnels, and i was trying to make VoIP calls.  Calls were dropping every 5 minutes.  Now I find that there was a Primus problem that was causing the dropped calls, but even after that was fixed, any VPN tunnel would make my calls sound like Martian Speak.

So - I've ordered ACI internet, to see if it can make a difference from the crap Sympatico.

We still can't get a good VoIP call going.... I suppose I will have to unravel that mess again.  To make it more interesting, I don't know the username/password to my Primus ATA VoIP box - if anyone is reading this - and you happen to know what the default username and password is - please email it to me!  I would like to see what the default settings are, and if I have the most recent firmware.


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