Katrina Who?

With the passing of the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the news media has blown a bit of a breeze into the sagging public interest sails of Katrina. Over the weekend, the Globe and Mail had a great covering of what had changed, and the fact that the majority of the folks hadn’t returned, and the staggering percentages that have risen with respects to poverty, housing, healthcare and education. Only 18% of the schools have re-opened. Although, it’s not perhaps as staggering as it sounds, as only a pittance of people have returned. So few in fact, that the percapita income has risen 19%.

The Discovery Channel had a few good exposes this week as well, and so little has been accomplished in the past year, and some much has been exposed in terms of government bungling, I’d be surprised if it didn’t still looked like a wartorn country in another 5 years. One journalist compared New Orleans to Beiruit. Geeze, how crappy can that make people from Beirut feel? :-(

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