My RSS Wrinkles

… I’m starting to see a bit of a trend, with bloggers adding their RSS stats to their sites, quoting how many RSS subscribers they have.
I’m torn, and a little curious, as the sites who have these little “status symbols”, seem to be VERY popular sites, and the folks who read them KNOW that they are popular, and the people who read them likely have them as RSS feeds in their readers.
So, if you are popular, and you know you are popular, and the rest of the thinking world knows you are popular, what is the value of having a little stat-o-meter illustrating your popularity?

I’d rather see a feature on RSS platforms that allow me to see WHO is subscribing to my site. I know, not terribly confidential, and not terribly security conscious, but still…. ;-)  That sort of info would be valuable, as opposed to nameless, faceless subscriber information.

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