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I’ve got an abundance of bits and pieces of canadian telecom and internet experience, and I am thrilled to be in a place in time when all is changing, technology is developing, and the status quo is being disrupted. 

Floobergeist is a word that is beginning to defy definition.  The more I roll that smooth pebble around, the more it becomes to mean. Floobergeist started out as the magic dust that turns dreams into ideas.  And then it began to encompass the zing that happens when you have conversations about those ideas. And now, it’s the whole evolution from dream to conversation, with each step improving the later and the former along the way.

Everyone aspires to good conversations. They can lead you to adventures you’ve never imagined, and to people you can twig with.

Let’s have a good conversation…


Seth Godin answers a Good Question....

Over the vacation time, I struggled with the idea of audience, and content for conversations.  The wiz and I have a marvelous  time watching Canadian news programs, and then developing interesting rants on them. The strange part is, despite how outstanding we may think the conversation/arguement is, it none-the-less seems to have an impact on: RSS Subscribers, and traffic.  Both seem to decline, post publishing, and it seems to take a few days for normalcy to return.

I brought that concern up with a few folks during vacation week; folks who happen to stop in here, and they were shocked that i would consider being influenced by traffic patterns etc, when it came to writing.  They provided some outstanding feedback (thank you 6 mile folks), and for that, i'm not going to be terribly concerned about what happens behind the scenes.

Guy Kawasaki asks Seth Godin the same question... about writing. Seth has a good answer.

Signum sine tinnitu--by Guy Kawasaki
Question: Why don’t you check your Technorati ranking?

Answer: Because the data won’t change my actions. Getting data for no good reason just drives you crazy. The secret is to get very flexible in the face of data you care about—changing your x every time you see y changes—and incredibly inflexible in the face of data you don’t care about.The reason I write is to have an impact. I measure that impact in the email I get and the way it impacts people’s actions. Even if 100 people a day read my blog, I’d write the same stuff.

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