A Billion Blogs....

Om Malik discusses the validitity of the claim that there are 50 million blogs in the *blogosphere*…. and the merits of how many of them are actually active…. I tend to be cynical. From experience.
It’s too bad there isn’t a way to tell how many active vs created blogs there are.  In the past 5 years, I have a feeling i’ve contributed to the explosion of blogs.  You see, I’m a habitual blog creator. It’s a bit of an addiction with me.  I’ve got 4 blogs with Live journal, 3 with blogger, 3 with wordpress, one silly soulcast, and those are just the ones I remember!! Not to mention the ones that are active; jules.ca, the curious tale of the girl and the telco, and tech whisperer. And just wait till floobergeist.com gets out of the gate!

GigaOM : » How big is the Blogosphere really?

There might have been 50 million blogs that have ever been created but there aren’t 50 million blogs in active use.

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