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Building a Wireless Farm

In Southwestern Ontario, there's a black hole where no highspeed internet shall traverse.  No amount of fixed wireless, nor cable, not even a squeaky DSL line can penetrate. Despite the benefit of having an 80 ft silo on the property, there isn't a provider who can get connectivity to AQB Farms.

Really - I've been researching the problem for over 3 years now.  Almost got close with Execulink's fixed wireless, alas, the line of sight requirement alluded us.  Barret Explorer's Satellite service is our last hope - the alternative - holding our breath and waiting for BELL to appear, despite CRTC mandated rural broadband service, is unappealing.

So - 2 way satellite isn't the fastest, but it's faster than 56k dialup. It's more expensive than cable or DSL, but that's likely related to the hardware investments needed.

I've been kicking around an idea, as there are 3 houses on AQB Farms, and all want high speed internet,  but all are more than 200 ft away from each other. Picking a more expensive Satellite package, and splitting it among the 3 houses would be ideal...This translates to the need for wireless networking, and wireless accesspoints, to get the signal to where it wants to go.

I need to find wireless accesspoints that can live outside, and behave properly.  And getting power to them is going to be no easy trick either.

Ayone else have experience with building a mini wifi mesh outside?

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