Creepy Disney Fruit

Disney-branded fruit and veggiesDisney has partnered with Imagination Farms, a produce distributor that sells cartoon-branded fruits and veggies, to fill the produce aisle with Disney-brand fruit. Other companies' characters -- SpongeBob, Taz and others -- will also appear on fruit this year.

Boing Boing: Disney-branded fruit and veggies

This development freaks me out.

Can there be any other more shameful way to exploit kids and parents and pander to their basest, commercial urges?  Sure!  Wrap a banana in SpongeBob Squarepants parephenalia... then kids will eat it!!!

Good God. The little baby jesus is crying.

What happened to to the good old days, when parents were parents, and kids were kids, and family life was not a negotiating-sitcom inspired democracy?

Eat yer damn plain banana and stop whining.

(Note: expressive curse words have been deleted)

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