Building A New Year's Theme

I took a few minutes off work tonight (yes, working at night - that's another story) and stopped by Back in Skinny Jeans where there was an outstanding post that resonated deep within me - likely in the sub-cockles of the heart - about having a New Year's Theme, instead of the oft-abandonned New Year's Resolutions.

What a stunning idea. I'm thinking of themes that can rap up these initiatives:
  • personal growth and a deeper self awareness of who i am and where i want to be
  • reconnecting with friends and family
  • improved ability to be *tough*
  • improved health
  • de-stressing
  • balancing work and life
  • developing more photographic skill
  • developing more patience
  • building and encouraging creativity
Now - I need to come up with an over-arching theme that can encompass all these pieces....

I toy with the idea of "decluttering".. but that's seeming fairly static. Authenticity and Vibrancy are suggestions of Skinny Jeans, and they feel close, but not exact either. I would imagine that deciding on a theme for a year is something that one may not be able to nail down in one blog post.
Suggestions welcome :-)

Thanks Skinny Jeans!

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