On the Trail of the PufferFish - or How to Spend $500 Quickly

Originally uploaded by sinned4ohio.

It’s hard to find a good pufferfish. Thanks to sinned4ohio for capturing this perfect wee devil.
There’s something mildly human about his face, and the interest in his eyes suggest some level of floobergeist.

I am so close to wanting to get one. I can almost feel him.

Starting to feel the same about the Blackberry Crimson, since the wiz has been stalking the illusive Indigo since before Christmas.  I have him convinced that the Suretype keyboard is for sh&t. :-) And it is.  

Im also feeling a wee bit woozy about the Canon SD700. 

I’ve got a cash christmas pressie burning a hole in the proverbial wallet. Can’t decide what angle I want to pursue. No Adrien, it’s not going to be a Mac. A fish? A berry? A camera?

What sort of interesting thing would you pick up if you had $500 (and no - you can’t pay off a bill with it). 

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