Silly Toronto Taxes

The city yesterday shelved a proposal to add a 5% tax to Toronto liquor. "It's just not feasible right now," Mayor David Miller said. "You'd have to set up a whole new department of alcohol tax collection in the city. We can't find a way to make it work, so it's off the table." City staff had estimated that a 5% liquor tax could rake in $44-million annually.
City pulls plug on proposal to introduce 5% tax on alcoholInstead of trying to tax something as complicated as alcohol, why not simply increase parking tickets by $5? Imagine the amount of money that could be raked in.  Heck, why not increase street parking pricing by $0.50 an hour? You could make up $44M in no time.Silly politicians. Instead they jam TTC riders and try to tax liquor. How about going after the low hanging fruit once in a while?

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