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Rogers Enables an MVNO?

It’s curious - Rogers enabling another player in Canada for wireless service - Harmony Mobile. It’s also curious that this hasn’t hit my radar until this morning…..

MVNO=Mobile Virtual Network Operator. One of the only ways to become a wireless provider in Canada is to make a wholesale deal with one of the existing providers and “piggyback” on their national network.  The coverage maps on the Harmony website are extensive. The indigenous, existing providers are normally pretty wary of introducing competition into Canada’s wireless industry. The upcoming auction of wireless spectrum which will offer the potential for new entrants into the industry, without the partnering with existing players, means the introduction of Harmony is doubly interesting.

What twigs me even more is the fact that the Harmon handsets are dual wifi and GSM, meaning that if you are in range of a wireless hotspot - your phone knows to use the internet for service.

It’s lovely. It’s interesting to know that this sort of service is happening quietly already in Canada. Profectio also has coverage here…