The Russians Have The Money

Over the weekend, the wiz and I were gallavanting through various different electronics retailers on the way to eat massive quantities of wings. You can’t make this kind of stuff up, really. They were going to be really good wings.

We were on the quest for Guitar Hero 3 (which we have since discovered are completely sold out in North America, let alone Canada. The only way to get it is via the ebay grey market - which we did.) Regardless, I was able to get my hands on a snappy Jabra bluetooth earpiece for the wiz for christmas, and yes, I’m convinced he will approve, as he walked it up to the cash register at Best Buy for me.

The checkout line was immense. I grinned. I’m not good at checkout lines, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had the last Jabra in the store in my hot little hands, we would have dumped it and headed on to the wings. Really good wings.

Still, I was getting close.
One of the cashiers hollered over the din of the crowd - Credit and Debit, Credit and Debit at this cash.
I made my way to the cashier - and again, he confirmed - Credit or Debit? Sure, I said, in a confused sort of way. And then asked: credit or debit - that covers just about everything - what’s the other option? The cashier replies: Cash. I choke: Good god, I say, that doesn’t count, no one has cash!

The cashier reples: The Russians do. The Russians have the cash.

I stand corrected, considering that I don’t have any cash, and I’m not Russian. That cashier must be onto something.