My iTouch Wishlist

Is it wrong to wish that I could *right click* with my iTouch?

Would that sentiment make Steve Jobs cringe and furrow a brow at me?

  • Why can’t I turn web apps into icons on the *desktop*?
  • Why can’t i get photos or any other images from someplace other than iTunes?
  • Why can’t i have a flickr application?
  • Why can’t my Blackberry wall charger work for the iTouch? I’ve even got a Berry charger that’s USB compatible, so I can use the USB charging cord that came with the iTouch.
  • What happens when you hack up an iTouch? Am I just going to do it so that I can get the Etch-a-Sketch application? I’ve done stranger things for less… :-)
I am still bonding, and i think I’m falling in love with the iTouch… but you know chicks - always trying to *change* a new partner and make them better ;-)

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